Compost Benefits Calculator

One for the toolbox

AORA has developed a new tool to assist in making important soil input decisions easier. 

Users input climate and soil information, and compost product specifications. The Compost Benefits Calculator uses this information to calculate the nutrient contribution and other soil benefits from different rates of compost application based on data from field research.

The calculator enables comparison of the relative benefit of different compost products and different application rates, assisting users to select suitable compost products on the basis of their potential agronomic performance, including: macro-nutrients, organic carbon, liming value, and available water capacity.

Note that the calculator only applies to composted products that meet compost maturity and criteria associated with contribution of plant nutrients specified in the Australian Standard AS4454.

The Compost Benefits Calculator app is free to help inform selection of suitable compost products. The app contains no advertisements. The app is off-line compatible and does not require internet connection for use. Users can choose to register for updates or to provide feedback. 


This project has been funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority, in partnership with the Australian Organics Recycling Association.