Compost Industry Development

Although entitled ‘Compost Industry Development’, this part of the Compost for Soils project is aimed as much at developing the capacity of horticultural producers to identify the potential benefits to them of using compost and how to use it to achieve maximum value from the material. While almost everyone who works with soils knows instinctively the benefits of increasing soil organic carbon, the most reliable ways of achieving this are not always clear. The Compost for Soils project aims to assist growers by:

  • Promoting the benefits of increased soil organic matter and the benefits of using composts to achieve this.
  • Providing information and tools for growers on using composts.
  • Assisting horticultural consultants in providing information on the use of composts.
  • Equipping growers with enough knowledge to be confident in asking the right questions and negotiating the most suitable product with compost processors.
  • Using well-designed and monitored demonstration trials to show growers ‘on their patch’ the benefits, costs and methods of using compost for horticultural production.

If you’re thinking of using compost and need some additional information or guidance, please contact us. The Compost Industry Development Officer for the project, Katie Webster has been testing the use of composts in vineyards, orchards and vegetable crops over the past ten years and can provide much local knowledge on the use of composts in a range of crops. Katie is available to speak at grower meetings and provide one-on-one advice. Please contact her on (08) 8339 8628 or Tony Burfield, Industry Development Officer for the Northern Adelaide Plains, is keen to work with growers and grower groups to identify and promote the benefits of composts for soils, and has a particular interest the use of compost as part of an integrated management system. Please contact him on (08) 8303 9580.