Media Links

  • Compost Supply Chain Roadmap - Translating Recycled Organics into Differentiated Products
    This report is an initiative of the Waste Management Association of Australia, Compost Australia, and the Barton Group with federal and state government support, and outlines the future development of the compost industry.
  • Zero Waste South Australia - fact sheets
    Information on setting up a worm farm and an overview on the benefits and methods of establishing a home composting system.
  • KESAB — environmental solutions (SA).
  • The compost industry - a valuable contributor to South Australia's environment   
    The South Australian compost industry is a significant contributor to the South Australian environment, providing opportunities for the community to divert waste from landfill, reduce greenhouse emissions, sequester carbon, reduce reliance on the Murray River and improve South Australia’s agricultural sustainability.
  • Alternative to sending coffee grounds to landfill —  Sydneysiders drink around 1.23 million cups of coffee every day, resulting in 86,100 kg of coffee waste. Most of that goes to landfill where the coffee releases methane, which is 22 times worse for global warming than CO2.
  • See the feature on ABC Landline about compost.  
  • Compost For Soils has been featured on The Garden GurusSee the Episode.
  • Did you enjoy seeing Store Wars? See it again here. 

  • Zero Waste – it’s the circle of life — City of Sydney. Watch it here.