Resources & Links

Below you will also find links to information on our project partners, other research units, the Recycled Organics Library and certification bodies such as Standards Australia.

If you’re after detailed research reports, check whether they are available online at the Recycled Organics Library, or contact our industry development officers. A list of publications on the use of compost is provided – we’d be pleased to send copies to you.

  • Recycled Organics Library - The Recycled Organics Library provides a searchable database of information on the recovery and management of compostable organics materials and the manufacture and use of recycled organic materials. Many articles and publications are accessible online.
  • Standards Australia - The Australian Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches AS4454-2012 is available for purchase on this site.
  • AgInnovators —  published by NSW Farmers, the peak industry representative body for agriculture in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The initiative is supported by Australia's National Farmers Federation and a range of peak innovation bodies and agencies. Its content includes news and in-depth feature articles, event information studies and videos as well as detailed information resources developed through collaborations with supporters. 
  • Guidelines for organics processing facilities — Guidelines are available to help developers with the planning of a well-designed, purpose-built composting facility (NSW EPA).
  • Waste Less, Recycle More — including NSW EPA grants program for recycled organics.